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SRA Measurement

SRA Measurement


  • Digital Readout Systems
    We have an extensive variety of digital readout display consoles. These range from entry level systems to the latest generation of LCD display systems.
  • Calipers
    We offer an extensive range of calipers available with vernier, dial or digital displays.
  • Micrometers
    We stock a range of precision digital and analogue micrometers for standard and special measuring applications.
  • Digital Scales
    Our range of digital linear scales suitable for a wide range of applications including drill/mill quill depth,wood planer thickness and more
  • Angle measurement
    Our range of Digital Angle Gage/Inclinometer and Protractors are suitable for a variety of applications such as measuring and setting angles.
  • Digital Depth Gauges
    We have many Digital depth gages to choose from such as the 25mm Digital Depth gage to the latest model of the Moore and Wright Digitronic Depth Caliper.
  • Indicators and Bases
    We stock a range of indicators and dial test indicators including digital and dial types to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Bore Gaging
    We stock a wide range of Internal Bore gaging equipment offering a cost-effective solution to accurate shop floor bore measurement:
  • Height Gages
    Our range of height gages will help you set heights for many things like saw blades and router bit.
  • Marking Out Equipment
    extensive range of marking out equipment including scribes, adjustable squares, rules and jenny caliper
  • Automotive Measuring Tools
    A range of automotive measuring tools including bore gauges, brake disc and brake drum calipers.
  • Woodwork Measuring Tools
    We supply a range of digital readout accessories for woodworking machines, which include saw fence digital readouts and planner thickness digital readouts.
  • Miscellaneous Tools
    Our Miscellaneous Tools are a range of Calipers, Dividers, Batteries and Vee Blocks.
  • Spare Parts and Consumables
    Spare Parts for our range of meteorology equipment including replacement caliper reading heads, Wixey spare parts and Moore and Wright.
  • Feeler, Radius and Thread Gages
    Our range of Feeler, Radius and Thread Gages. Useful for measuring gap widths and measure the pitch diameter limits on threaded parts
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