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Closeouts and Refurbished

Closeouts and Refurbished

  1. Part No:ME-HG-300REF
    300mm (12inch) digital height gauge and multi function display. The height gauge is supplied with two attachments, a scribe with a carbide tip and a universal attachment with a 8mm diameter fixing.
  2. Part No:ME-CAL-IM-DIAL-12REF
    12" Machine-DRO dial caliper with imperial white face.
  3. Part No:WR510REF
    Digital Thickness Readout kit for Portable Planers with Millimeter or Inches with Fraction Display
  4. Part No:WR100REF
    6 Inch (150mm) Fractional Imperial Digital Calipers which can display the decimal inch and fractions or display in mm.
  5. Part No:WR400REF
    The Wixey 3" digital protractor with 0.1 degree resolution.
  6. Part No:WR25REF
    The Wixey WR25 Mini Digital Height Gauge is a Light Weight, Easy to Use Gauge for all Types of Wood Working Applications.
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