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Digital Readout Systems

We have an extensive variety of digital readout display consoles. These range from cost effective entry level systems to the latest generation of LCD display systems. All consoles are feature packed whilst still being affordable to both model engineers and users within the production industry.

We offer a wide range of precision linear scales and rotary encoders, enabling us to offer a versatile and flexible solution to your installation requirements at an affordable price. Within our range of glass linear scales we have the GS300 standard and the GS500 slim which are ideal for limited or confined mounting space installation, including the lathe cross slide. For larger machine tools we can offer our GS600 long length scales, with reading lengths up to 3 metres.

Digital Readout Systems


  • Display Consoles
    We have a range of digital readout display consoles, including standard LED displays or full colour LCD graphical with menu driven displays . Choosing a console with additional functions will transform operation; raising productivity of manual machine tools, significantly increasing quality and reducing wastage and overall job costs. Available in single, 2 axis, and 3 axis versions. An axis summing interface can also be installed to combine two encoder outputs, for example the quill and knee travel. Universal models combine functions for both lathe and mill machine types, allowing for a single console format for the entire workshop.
  • Optical Encoders
    We offer a range of optical linear encoders suitable for a wide range of machine tools, inspection machines, jigs and metrology applications.
  • Magnetic Encoders
    We offer a range of magnetic linear encoders for machine tools, fabrication machines, chop saws, sheet metal machines, woodworking machines, printing, packaging and custom machine builds. Offering a reliable and robust encoder with a compact profile size, making it ideal when mounting space is restricted on smaller machine tools or on the lathe cross slide.
  • Digital Readout Packages
    We offer a range of digital readout packages providing the best and most cost effective option to equip your machine tools with high performance DRO’s. Simple upgrade options cater for various machine types, sizes or space restrictions on smaller machine tools or on the lathe cross slide.
  • Magnetic Tape, Support Profiles and Heads
    The components that make up the magnetic encoders, are available separately. Offering a solution for a wide range of non-standard measuring and position feedback applications.
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