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Magnetic Encoders

We offer a range of magnetic linear encoders for machine tools, fabrication machines, chop saws, sheet metal machines, woodworking machines, printing, packaging and custom machine builds. Offering a reliable and robust encoder with a compact profile size, making it ideal when mounting space is restricted on smaller machine tools or on the lathe cross slide.

The magnetic encoders consist of a reading head and precision pitched magnetized tape. This is made up of a chemical resistant rubberised material bonded to a stainless steel strip which has an adhesive backing. Making the magnetic tape flexible, this can be mounted directly to the machine surface if suitably flat or housed within a support profile.

There is no contact between the reading head and magnetic tape, allowing for the electronics to be fully sealed, making this type of encoder suitable for the harsh workshop environment. The reading head and tape are installed as separate parts. A cover can be fitted to provide further protection from knocks and swarf.

Please feel free to contact our technical staff for further advice.

Magnetic Encoders

  1. Part No:DRO-MG-EH-01
    Magnetic Linear Encoder Reading Head with 1 micron resolution. Suitable for the high resolution magnetic tape.
  2. Part No:DRO-EH-05-150
    M-DRO EH-05 linear magnetic encoder with 150mm (6") reading length. A compact encoder profile suitable for a wide range of machine tool, XY tables, jigs and metrology applications. The encoder beam can be cut to length to suit install.
  3. Part No:DRO-MG-AP-05-500
    500mm (20 inch) two part support profile. Protects magnetic tape from knocks, coolant and swarf.
  4. Part No:DRO-MG-AP-25-200
    200mm (8 inch) single piece support profile. Protects magnetic tape from knocks, coolant and swarf.
  5. Part No:DRO-MG-TP-05-HA
    Magnetic scale tape. Suitable for the 1, 5 and 25 micron resolution magnetic tape encoder head. Supplied in 100mm increments up to a maximum length of 25 metres single piece.
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