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Miscellaneous Tools

Our Miscellaneous Tools are a range of Calipers, Dividers, Batteries and Vee Blocks.

Miscellaneous Tools

  1. Part No:MEB-ELS
    Moore and Wright 165mm Precision Engineers Level MWELS
  2. Part No:MEB-MWELM
    Moore and Wright 310mm Precision Engineers Level MWELM
  3. Part No:MEB-212
    Moore and Wright Standard Pair Vee Blocks 80mm/ 3.14" - 200 Series
  4. Part No:ME-IC-EA-8
    200mm/ 8inch Easy Adjusting Inside Caliper - Machine DRO
  5. Part No:ME-SP-EA-6
    150mm/ 6inch Easy Adjusting Spring Divider - Machine DRO
  6. Part No:ME-SP-EA-4
    100mm/ 4inch Easy Adjusting Spring Divider - Machine DRO
  7. Part No:ME-BA-SR44-PK5
    Pack of 5 - SR44 / 357- 1.5V Silver Oxide Batteries
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