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A wide range of standard or cubed foam inserts for our Aluminum cases.
  1. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A019-FOAM-CB
    Pre-Scored Foam Block 17.7" x 12.8" x 2.3" Insert For EN-AC-FG-A019 Hard Case
  2. Part No:EN-AC-FY-A030-FOAM-2C
    2 Pre-Scored Foam Inserts for the EN-AC-FY-A030 Hard Case - 16.5 x 11 x 3 inch pieces
  3. Part No:EN-AC-FY-A032-FOAM-CB1
    Pre-Scored Foam Block Insert For EN-AC-FG-A032 hard case, protects the contents of your case
  4. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A022-LID
    Egg foam sheet 17.6 x 12.4 x 1.6 in (440 x 310 x 40mm) for the lid of the EN-AC-FG-A022 Case
  5. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A022-FOAM-CB
    Pre-Scored Foam Block Insert For EN-AC-FG-A022 hard case, protects the contents of your case
  6. Part No:EN-AC-FG-C403-FOAM-CB
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    Three Pre-Scored foam blocks for easy cutting and customizing to fit desired shapes and sizes. Ideal for adding extra protection to objects inside the EN-AC-FG-C403 case.

    This item is no longer stocked but can be purchased in quantities of 100 or more.   Please call for further details.

  7. Part No:EN-AC-HD-230-FOAM
    Solid Foam Block 12.2" x 10.2" x 2.7" Insert For EN-AC-HD-230 Aluminum Hard Case
  8. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A036-FOAM-CB
    Pre-Scored Foam Block 10.4" x 8.3" x 1.2" Insert For EN-AC-FG-A036 Flight Case
  9. Part No:EN-AC-FG-BC47-FOAM-CB
    Pre-Scored Foam Block 550 x 360 x 120mm Insert For EN-AC-FG-BC47 Flight Case
  10. Part No:EN-AC-FG-C203-FOAM-CB
    Pre-Scored Foam Block Insert For EN-AC-FG-C203 hard case, protects the contents of your case
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