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Morse Arbors & Sleeves

A range of standard Morse taper chuck arbors and morse adaptor sleeves, suitable for our tapping heads and quick change tooling chucks.
  1. Part No:MT-AB-R8-M20
    R8 Drill Chuck/Tapping Head Arbour with 7/16" UNF drawbar to M20 thread suitable for the M8 to M20 auto reverse tapping heads
  2. Part No:MT-AB-R8-JT6
    R8 Shank Arbor - R8 to JT6...
  3. Part No:MT-AB-MT3-JT6
    Morse Taper Arbor - MT3 to JT6
  4. Part No:MT-AB-MT4-JT6
    Morse Taper Arbor - MT4 to JT6...
  5. Part No:MT-AB-MT2-JT6
    Morse Taper Arbor - MT2 to JT6...
  6. Part No:MT-AB-MT1-JT6
    Morse Taper Arbor - MT1 to JT6...
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