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Encapsulating Compounds

  1. Part No:MG832HT-375ML
    For encapsulating and potting electronics in high temperature environments, aggressive chemical environments,
  2. Part No:MG832TC-450ML
    Formulated with undiluted Bis F resin for superior physical properties, and pigmented with high purity aluminum oxide pigment
  3. Part No:MG833FRB-375ML
    A two component self extinguishing epoxy compound.
  4. Part No:MG832B-375ML
    For high voltage applications
  5. Part No:MG832C-375ML
    Protects sensitive electronic components from impact, shock, vibration, heat, conductivity, moisture, chemicals.
  6. Part No:MG8329-350G
    Apply this release to a surface before pouring in encapsulating and potting compound
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