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Plating Accessories

  1. Part No:USRACK-20
    Rectangular Ultrasonic Rack with 20 hooks
  2. Part No:TWLCARBON
    TWL Activated Carbon Refill for Carbon Treatment Kit for Rhodium and Palladium
  3. Part No:PLSTIRBAR-1
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    This Teflon coated Magnetic bar 1.0" Long
  4. Part No:PLRACK-16
    Round Beaker Plating Rack with 16 hooks
  5. Part No:PLRACK-8
    Round Beaker Plating Rack with 8 hooks
    TWL Beaker Plating Rack For Rings
  7. Part No:G-BEAKER-1L
    Please contact us for Stock Details
    1 Liter Glass Beaker
  8. Part No:PLSPARE2.5
    Sparex Pickle Compound -2.5 Lbs
  9. Part No:PL600MLBEAKER
    This cover fits tightly on a a 1 liter Beaker
  11. Part No:PLPHPAPER
    This is a box of pH Paper that reads 1-12
  12. Part No:PLTIVA
    Tivaclean, a special purpose cleaning concentrate in powder form, assures the removal of all polishing rouge, oil, grease, and finger prints.
  13. Part No:PLSPAREX10
    Granular, dry acid compound for pickling, cleaning, and removing surface oxidation and scale from silver,
  14. Part No:PLTHERMO
    This is a simple thermometer that reads in F. It also has a holder.
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