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Soldering & Brazing Supplies

We have the largest selection in the world of brazing and soldering alloys in wire, paste and strip.

Soldering & Brazing Supplies


  • Bar Solder
    We carry 7 different Bar Solder Alloys. All made from Virgin materials
  • Brazing
    SRA has the largest selection of brazing alloys, brazing preforms, brazing alloys, precious metal brazing alloys, brazing pastes, brazing fluxes
  • SMD Removal Alloy Products
    This innovative method of removing SMD's (surface mounted devices) at a safe low temperature has revolutionized the printed circuit board rework industry.
  • Electronic Grade Solder Paste
    These solder Pastes are designed for use with printed circuit boards. They are available in T3 (-325 mesh) and T5 (-500 mesh) and comes in several alloys and flux types.
  • Fluxes
    SRA offers a large selection brazing fluxes and soldering fluxes to minimize oxidation on filler metal as well as the materials being joined.
  • Solder Wire
    We carry many different alloy and flux combinations along with solid solder wire. All our wire is made in the USA.
  • Soft Solder Paste
    Solder paste is an alloy or pure metal which, when heated, liquefies and melts to flow onto the space between two close fitting parts, creating a soldered joint. We have many different alloys of solder paste with several flux choices.
  • Solder Spheres
    Solder spheres from SRA are optimal to use for Reballing of BGA and CSP chips. They are available in various sizes at reasonable prices."
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