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When it comes to your selection of brazing & soldering products, brazing preforms, brazing alloys, precious metal brazing alloys, brazing pastes, brazing fluxes...think of SRA Soldering Products   Contact us today to discuss your needs.  We can help you choose the right brazing alloy for you application.



  • Copper Phosphorous Alloys
    We stock several different Copper Phosphorous alloys in paste and rods. These alloys are designed to braze brass and Copper parts.
  • Nickel Alloys
    These high temperature Nickel Brazing alloys are used mainly to join Stainless Steels
  • Silver Brazing Paste
    Silver brazing paste contains metals, flux and a binder.There are many different flux and metal combinations. We have pastes that can be used in an atmosphere furnace or with a torch or induction heat
  • Silver Brazing Strip
    For applications where carbide is brazed to steel, it is often desirable to use a multi-layer brazing alloy with a copper center like our Tri-Metal strips where the copper serves as an absorber of thermal expansion as well as shock.
  • Silver Brazing Wire
    We stock many silver brazing alloys both with cadmium and cadmium free. These products are sold by the troy ounce.
  • Aluminum Brazing Paste
    Aluminum brazing alloys are used to join aluminum alloys as well as aluminum to copper. Filler metals containing aluminum are widely used in the HVAC, automotive and refrigeration industries.
  • Brazing and Soldering Preforms
    A Brazing or soldering Preform is any solid shape of filler that can be placed in an assembly prior to the heating cycle. These are all custom made to your specifications.
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