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Brazing and Soldering Preforms

A Brazing or soldering Preform is any solid shape of filler that can be placed in an assembly prior to the heating cycle.

The continual upgrade in the automation of metal joining processes coupled with the evolution of new brazing alloys has stimulated new growth in perform design. We can manufactures custom stamped performs from over 1,000 tools already on our shelves. Chances are we have existing tooling to meet your specific requirement. However, if we need to develop new tooling, our precision machine shop keeps cost and lead times to a minimum.A variety of styles based on the needs of the application. Examples include, Lap, Butt End, Gap, Multi-Turn, Segment/Arc, or Edgewounds.

Ring Coiling Wire (available in all alloys): .005” to .187” diameter. Ring Diameters: .030” I.D. to 13” O.D

Blanked Washers, Discs, Shims, Special Shapes - fabricated from brazing alloy strip and used where joint clearances or joint design prevent the use of wire forms. Available in .001” to .100” thicknesses.

The most economical preform to manufacture is a slug. Slugs can be made from any brazing wire and cut to required length. Available in .005” to .750” diameter.

Brazing preforms improve quality while lowering production costs by: 
Eliminating costly hand-fed operations, 
Accurately controlling brazing alloy volume for fewer incomplete joints,
Providing access to automated brazing and soldering systems, and 
Demonstrating uniform wetting and smooth joint appearance.

Please Contact Us with your requirements as all Preforms are custom made with 1000 pc minimum order.

Brazing and Soldering Preforms

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