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Copper Phosphorous Alloys

We stock several different Copper Phosphorous alloys in paste and rods. These alloys are designed to braze brass and Copper parts.
Copper Phosphorous Brazing Alloys
ProductOvenTorchMelting RangeAlloyFluxCharacteristics
PNP-1306-803 X   1190-1325°F 86.75%CU / 7.5%P / 6%Ag None Free Flowing
STL-1320-651 X X 1310-1320°F 91.75%CU / 8.25%P Strong Free Flowing
PNP-1320-801 X   1310-1320°F 91.75%CU / 8.25%P None Free Flowing
STL-1310-703 X X 1270-1340°F 86.25%CU / 6.25%P / 7%Sn Strong Free Flowing
Sil-Phos 5 X X 1190-1500°F 89%CU / 6%P / 5%Ag None Slow Flow
Sil-Phos 15 X X 1190-1480°F 80%CU / 5%P / 15%Ag None Slow Flow

Copper Phosphorous Alloys

  1. Part No:SSDBP-P14-65

    New silver-free filler metals: TiBraze®P14 in the form of a brazing paste using a rubber-based binder

  2. Part No:PSNSTL1310
    STL-1310-703 Copper Phos brazing Paste
  3. Part No:PSNPNP1306T
    Free Flowing Copper Phosphorus brazing alloy containing 86.75%Cu, 7.25 P, 6% Ag with no flux.

    This paste is for use in a furnace. Great for Brass and Copper

  4. Part No:PSNPNP1320
    Free Flowing Copper Phosphorus brazing alloy containing 91.75%Cu, 8.25 P with no flux.

    This is for use in a furnace.

    Melts at 1310-132

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