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  • Torches
    The Original Blazer Butane refillable torches, lighters and Micro Torches. Featuring wind-resistant Blue Torch Flame & Piezo Electronic instant ignition.
  • Tweezers
    Large selection of ESD Tweezers and Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • ESD Protection
    Anti-static bench top grounding mats for electronic and computer tech's. Various sizes of anti-static bench or table mats with ground cords, floor mats and other ESD protection tools
  • Soldering Tools
    Vacuum suction pickup pens, Manual Desoldering Pump and much more
  • 3D Tools
    Ritocco is the most advanced heated interchangeable tool for cleaning up 3D printed objects. The Ritocco can easily cut through support material "like a hot knife cutting through butter" or use a blending tip to even-out rough areas.
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