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  1. Part No:TLXURONTK2100
    The TK 2100 Modelers Tool Kit belongs on every modeler's workbench.
  2. Part No:TLXURON573
    Xuron 573 Xuro-Former Lead Former
  3. Part No:TLXURON2193F
    The Xuron 2193F hard and music wire cutter cuts hard wires size 15 to 29 and music wire up to 0.060"
  4. Part No:TLXURON9180AS
    The Micro-Shear Flush Cutter with Lead Retainer 170-IIF Series shears offers numerous ergonomic enhancements in a popularly priced tool.
  5. Part No:TLXURON9250ET
    Xuron 9250ET Extra Tapered Head Head Micro-Shear Flush Cutter
  6. Part No:TLXURON9180ET
    Due in on 03/16/2020
    Xuron 9180ET Professional Photo Etch Scissor
  7. Part No:TLXURON9100
    Xuron 9100 Oval Head Micro-Shear Flush Cutter
  8. Part No:TLXURON420
    The Angled High Precision Shear provides the same precision cutting Micro-Shear blades as the 410T High Precision Shear combined with a 55° angled cutter head.
  9. Part No:TLXURON9200
    Xuron 9200 Tapered Head Micro-Shear Flush Cutter
  10. Part No:TLXURON2175ET
    Due in on 03/16/2020
    Xuron 2175ET Professional Sprue Cutter
  11. Part No:TLXURON9180-1
    Due in on 03/16/2020
    Xuron 9180-Kevlar Scissors
  12. Part No:TLXURON440
    Due in on 02/11/2020
    Xuron 440 Mini-Scissor
  13. Part No:TLXURON2175A
    Xuron 2175A Full Flush Shear
  14. Part No:TLXURON489
    The 489 Combination Tip Pliers is a traditional jeweler's plier.
  15. Part No:TLXURON410AS
    Xuron 410AS Full Flush Shear
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